Baptist work began in this area around 1780 under Henry Alline and prospered under such outstanding men as Rev. Hanley, Chipman, Harris, Harding, Dimock, Edwards and James Manning and others until the year 1821 when Rev. David Nutter formed the first church at Sandy Cove. This Church was composed of members from Brooklyn, Liverpool and Milton. It was reorganized in 1829 by Rev. Thomas Anysley. Issac Dexter and Harrington McLeod were the first deacons and Whitman Freeman the first clerk. Rev. S.T. Rand came in 1832 and a church building was opened in Milton in 1842 under his ministry. Two separate churches were formed in 1851 and 1852 a new church was built in Liverpool on the site of the present church.
The Baptist people of Brooklyn felt the need of a church building in their own community as expressed in a document dated May 7, 1856 reading as follows:
"We the Subscribers being desirous of aiding the erection of a Baptist meeting house in Brooklyn promise to pay for this purpose to the building committee consisting of James Nickerson, Henry Gardner and Joseph Dexter the sums severally annexed to our names in two installments, viz. one-fourth of our subscription on or before the first day of June next and the remainder on or before the first day of next September; it being understood that payments of five pounds and upwards would be credited to the donor upon the purchase of pews. The total subscriptions listed amounted to the L239/10/0."
A site for the church building was conveyed by deed from Stewart Gardner to the Trustees of the Baptist Church, Brooklyn on October 16, 1864. A meeting held in Edmund Starratt's house Brooklyn, March 25th, 1867, Henry Gardner in the chair, it was agreed that the proposed building would be 40 feet long, 30 feet broad and 17 foot posts with a tower of 14 feet by 9 feet. Henry Gardner, Thomas Nickerson, Nathaniel Dexter, Vincent Dexter and Edmund Starrett were appointed as a Building Committee.
The Brooklyn Church was completed and dedicated on July 21, 1872 and the pastorage was divided into two preaching stations as at present, namely, Liverpool and Brooklyn.
That same year a Sabbath School was formed by L.R. Pattilo with Thomas Annis being appointed as Superintendent. Thomas Annis was ordained as Deacon in 1906 and continued to hold this office and was a strong worker in the Church until his death in November 1947. Lucius Dexter was ordained as Deacon in 1906 and continued as a faithful worker and deacon until his death in February 1943.
In 1934 the church membership numbered 62 resident and 12 non-resident members - and in 1959 the membership stood at 107 resident and 27 non-resident. In 2002 membership stands at 53 resident members.
The need of a vestry for Sunday School and other purposes was realized many years before its completion and dedication on March 15, 1951 by our pastor Rev. Harry Hill.
During 1959 three classrooms have been completed in the basement of the vestry. An addition to the vestry (3 more classrooms) was completed in 1972 -our 100th Anniversary.
A memorial stained glass window behind the pulpit was added in 1960-61.
The original church building still stands in good condition, the necessary maintenance work having been taken care of through the years.
Our church steeple was refurbished in 2009.
Compiled by Rosalee Smith, Judy and Lloyd Dexter, Atwood and Delphine Dexter, Charles and Elizabeth Richardson and the deacons- for the Church Directory - November 13, 2002.
At Convention of Atlantic Baptist Church’s recommendation, we became incorporated in 2015 and became “The Brooklyn Baptist Church”.
We celebrated our 144th anniversary in 2016. We adopted a suggestion that we donate a loonie for each year and use the proceeds for a special purpose.
Today - our church family meets on Sunday mornings at 9:15 am for worship.
Our Church History